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Need Atlas Training? Sign up for Webinar Wednesdays

by Sherrina Gibson, Project Manager, Community Health Solutions

From February-June 2014, we conducted a survey of Atlas users. The purpose of the survey was to obtain insight on how the Atlas to helps you achieve your work objectives, and to guide our plans for enhancing the Atlas. The responses were overwhelmingly positive, with the majority of users giving both the Data Tables and Mapping…[Read More]

Local Area Analysis Removes the “Mask” of County Level Analysis

by Steve Sedlock, Executive Director, GeoHealth Innovations

My colleague, Brian Smedley, from the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies spoke in April during a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation webinar on the County Health Rankings.  Dr. Smedley stated:  “We need to look at smaller geographic areas to see how neighborhoods affect health.  A lens on place can be powerful in helping us to understand…[Read More]